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Open Source

Built on industry-leading free software components, utilizing best-practices, and standard platforms keeps costs low and security high.


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Break the "export/import" cycle of other solutions. Power your email campaigns through your website without sacrificing simplicity and flexibility.


Mobile Friendly

Public and private users of the system can use their phones, tablets, and big screens to access data when and where they need it.



Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS) powered by your users and your content.

Recent news

Today is "Positive Thinking Day". Roundearth makes your fundraising more POSITIVE Today!

Today is Positive Thinking Day!

According to timeanddate.com, Today is Positive Thinking Day! The holiday, also known as International Positive Thinking Day encourages people to deal with difficult situations in life with optimism and positivity. We thought, the difficult situation facing our nonprofit clients is typically fundraising. So, how can Roundearth help turn that difficult situation into something to feel optimistic and positive? Read on Nonprofit Superheroes! We're trying to give you super powers!

3 Ways Roundearth Will Improve Your Nonprofit (or Small Business)

This week's tutorial video demonstrating features of Roundearth is a little different than things we've done in the past. Our goal was to quickly demonstrate (in under 10 minutes!) 3 tips that can get you using Roundearth for your nonprofit.

The three items deal with the core of all nonprofits:

  • Volunteers & Donors (CiviCRM Smart Groups)
  • Publish Events to Your Public Website (Drupal Views + CiviCRM Events)
  • Track Donations (CiviCRM Contributions)

Even though Roundearth is still under active development and is improving almost daily, there is so much you can do to improve your nonprofit.

Watch the screencast to see our quick tips on how to use Smart Groups, Events, and Contributions:

The video is under 10 minutes and shows you:

  • How to create a Smart Group in Roundearth's CiviCRM - great for segmenting emails based on demographic data or activities!
  • How to create a public Drupal page that updates with your latest events automatically!
  • Finally, the easy way to track your nonprofit's donations.

Some of the editing might be awkward, but we met our goal of keeping it brief. Give Roundearth a try for yourself!


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Roundearth Drupal 8 + CiviCRM: Organize Your Email Archives

There are millions of nonprofit organizations and small businesses across the planet: we want all of them using Roundearth! In the screencast below, we'll show what myDropWizard's Roundearth is all about and offer a brief glimpse at what it looks like logged-in.

Watch the screencast to see our email activity setup for Roundearth:


Some highlights from the video:

  • Configure your Google Gmail to work with CiviCRM
  • Filter messages based on the "+" trick
  • Configure CiviCRM to read in emails, setup new contacts, and record the activity!


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