Back in August of last year, we wrote a series of articles about how we were going to build an Open Source mashup of the Drupal 8 content management system (CMS) + the CiviCRM constituent relationship management (CRM) into a comprehensive, turn-key solution for nonprofits. 

We also announced that we were going to offer a FREE migration to Drupal 8 for 10 nonprofit organizations who chose to join the first BETA round!

Since then we've been super busy building and migrating. Finally, we're breaking our silence!

We call it Roundearth. We're unveiling it today!

Read more to learn about the project and its status!

Rapidly and effectively handle everything you need

Nonprofits (and many other organizations) have terrifyingly tiny budgets. They also are expected to be lightning responsive in the information age. While many expensive tools are available for big business, it is left to those of us in the Open Source movement to pick-up the baton for nonprofits.

So, that's exactly what we've done!

We're building a power all-in-one tool that provides your organization with a website AND all the tools to effectively engage with your audience, members, volunteers and staff.


Getting your message out is core to any organization. Whether you are a fighting poverty, disease, or providing other services to your community, you need to let everyone know your mission!

Email marketing is tremendously effective. Sure, you have a beautiful website full of information, but you need to let your constituents know about your progress! Imagine being able to send tailored messages to all of the different types of people involved in your nonprofit. It's not only possible. It's remarkably powerful, flexible - and simple to use!


Nonprofits of all kinds have critical events. There's enough work planning events! We can take some of the pain of attendee management by allowing you to have your event calendar and attendee registrations in one system. All built into your public website! No more disjointed - and often costly services. You can handle everything from board and committee events to paid fundraisers all from one unified interface.

That's not all. Events and Marketing can now be combined into powerful marketing campaigns based on past attendance! 


Track paid memberships, free renewals, different access levels all in one system. Most importantly, reminders can be automated! You can have email or SMS reminders sent out automatically. Sophisticated reporting tools can allow you to generate call-lists for old-fashioned phone calls or even postal mail campaigns. Accept membership fees right through the same system!


Whether you have paid events, paid memberships or other forms of revenues, every nonprofit needs donations! Track pledges and payments in the system. Track follow-ups for annual campaigns, but also for follow-ups providing details about how your organization leverages these donations. Finally, you can send personalized "thank you" messages!

Status of the BETA

Dozens of organizations applied to join the BETA and have their site migrated to Roundearth for FREE. In the end we accepted 9 of them into the first round of the BETA (1 less than our goal of 10).

We've migrated and launched 2 of those sites already!

One came from Drupal 6 and already used CiviCRM. The other was originally on Drupal 5 and didn't use a CRM, but instead Drupal profile fields, PayPal and some manual list keeping to manage their members. We'll publish full case studies for them soon, but the short version is: they're doing great!

Two more of the BETA sites are ready to go - we're just awaiting final approval from the organizations to launch. And another three are in progress and likely to launch in the next month or so.

Doing these migrations has been a HUGE undertaking. But we've learned a lot and used our experience with the BETA members to improve Roundearth and get some real world usage.

How to get the code?

All of the work that we're doing is available as Open Source on GitLab. We're iterating very quickly, usually making multiple commits a day!

Until we finish launching all the BETA sites the code base is in a "slush phase" and we're not making releases and there isn't any documentation. But once we finish those launches, we'll enter a "stabilization phase" to create the first release complete with documentation so it's easier to get started!

In the meantime, if you have the technical skills and some experience Drupal & CiviCRM experience, you're welcome to download our code and give it a try!

Using Roundearth in the cloud!

We're also offering Roundearth as a commercial SaaS offering: you can pay monthly and get hosting and support without having to manage any of the messy technical details! Your site will always be up-to-date with the latest version and we'll be available help you with any problems :-)

We're offering two plans: a self-service plan ($50/mo) and a full-service plan ($250/mo)

All the organizations in the BETA are on the full-service plan. If you're interested in joining the next round which is opening soon, please contact us!

The self-service plan won't be available until the BETA period is over, which we're hoping will be at the end of 2018. If you'd like to be notified when that's available, let us know!

We have worked hard over the past year to craft Roundearth

By merging your public website with a powerful CRM, you can provide a single tool for everyone involved in your organization. Much like you, we're far from done with our mission! We plan on continuing to add critical features that can be utilized by nonprofits. Stay tuned!

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