Today is Positive Thinking Day!

According to, Today is Positive Thinking Day! The holiday, also known as International Positive Thinking Day encourages people to deal with difficult situations in life with optimism and positivity. We thought, the difficult situation facing our nonprofit clients is typically fundraising. So, how can Roundearth help turn that difficult situation into something to feel optimistic and positive? Read on Nonprofit Superheroes! We're trying to give you super powers!

A Quick Overview Of Roundearth

Roundearth has been around for about a year already! This is the Drupal 8 + CiviCRM distribution developed by myDropWizard! Over this past year, we've worked exceptionally hard to get some simple - and some very complex - nonprofit sites migrated to the platform!

In that time, we have:

  • developed a standard base theme

  • integrated CiviCRM events into Drupal

  • included a standard assortment of Drupal Contrib modules

  • ...and tons of other little things!

While our long-term vision is to keep pushing towards a very turn-key system for tiny nonprofits, we've worked with nonprofits of all sizes to find out how they could utilize the platform.

The journey has had its ups and downs, but as we move towards the end of 2018, we will have launched as many as a dozen customized Roundearth sites.

With all of that work, we've come up with a few ways Roundearth will help with your fundraising!

Organizing Your Organization

With several migrations under our belts pulling in data from static websites, other CMS platforms, other CRM platforms, spreadsheets, and proprietary databases, we've found that the migration itself - with no other effort - will make you more organized!

The import process can help reveal:

  • lapsed memberships

  • obsolete campaigns

  • contact information errors

  • inconsistencies in record keeping

  • bad URL's

While you can of course, do "housekeeping" on your information yourself, wouldn't it be great to have a partner help you? That's what we do!

Move Your Nonprofit to Roundearth Today!

Best Practices

In developing Roundearth, we've determined some best-practices for nonprofits. Many, as mentioned above, are built into the platform. Others are handled via training! All of our Full Service custom Roundearth sites come with free training.

Learn how to develop a campaign, track donations, and send customized newsletters! These are opportunities all nonprofits need, and we can help you learn the best ways to seize them!

Setup a free consultation for your nonprofit today!


Roundearth allows you to customize your marketing emails, schedule them, and automatically add contacts to your campaigns! Your CMS/CRM website can run your nonprofit when you're not around! Send out email newsletters, email reminders for events and donation pledges - and collect membership and donation payments automatically. Payments can come in by PayPal, credit card (or via manual payments like check), and it all gets tracked and itemized to keep your bookkeepers and auditors happy!

More to Come

Our next year will likely see even more drastic change to the platform. We no longer have to "just get it working", Drupal 8 has had another year of explosive improvement, and our experience with nonprofit organizations like yours will allow us to roll in even more exciting features built on the synergy power of Drupal 8 + CiviCRM!

Let's discuss how Roundearth can help your organization!

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